COMING SOON - Become a Resident


Residence Information

 Currently, HGS is not accepting application for residence however, an online application is available.  You can complete the application and be added to the waiting list for application review. Please e-mail the application to  We are still in the process of  becoming a 501c3 organization and are working closely with many individuals to ensure the success of the ministry.  Please stay tuned for more information. 


House Rules

Everyone living in HGS are expected to follow the rules. Rules are listed below:

1. Residents must abide by the curfew for their status level.

2. Residents must work on their educational goals, including return to high school, GED preparation, or college as appropriate.

3. If youth are not attending school, they must look for and obtain steady employment.

4. Residents are responsible for keeping their area neat and clean, this includes making the bed, storing belongings, removing trash from the area, cleaning bathroom after usage.

5. Residents are responsible for purchasing their own food and preparing their own meals. There will be kitchen hours to adhere to as well.

6. Residents are responsible for doing their wash at a laundromat or within faculty each week.

7. Residents are responsible for keeping their room and common areas clean and well-maintained.

8. Residents with jobs must save 50% of their income, a budget will be prepared with a case manager which includes transportation, clothing, personal products, and entertainment.

9. Residents will show respect to each other and participate in workshops and Bible Study.


Consequences of Violation

In the event of a resident breaking curfew or violating rules, there are several consequences. Depending on the rule violation, severity of the infraction and repeat offenses. Consequences include:

1. Verbal warning

2. Written warning

3. Loss of privileges

4. Program fines

5. Program termination 


Parenting Rules

There are several parenting rules in place by the state of Maryland. Parents are expected to follow these guidelines. We expect that everyone will be respected and the environment to be non-violent for everyone. Below are the guidelines everyone must follow:

1.Children must be attended to by their parent at all times.

2. Punishment for behavioral problems must be addressed without physical discipline or verbal abuse.

3. Any interaction a child has with another resident must be by permission only and supervised by the parent.

4. There will be quiet time for parents and children at bedtime.

5. Bedtime includes final bottle or nursing, a nightly bath, brushing teeth according to age, reading a story, talking or singing quietly not to disturb other residents.