Founder’s Note


About Sherika Cross

I am Sherika Cross, the founder of Hem of Garment. God placed a vision in me to help young women who are in need. Hem of Garment was placed on my heart in 2010. I wanted to be able to provide a safe haven for women that are young, single, abused, and homeless. I have come across many women in Baltimore City, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County that don't have children or only have one child and are homeless. They don't want to live in homeless shelters, they would rather live place to place because of safety concerns. My vision is to provide a safe environment for everyone and their children.

I would also like to provide food for families in need. Maryland has many poverty stricken cities and in some places, homelessness is the norm. Young adults and children don't always have the food that they need. I would love to have a food bank to provide for the communities in Maryland.

I strongly believe in equipping people with the tools they need to survive. I would rather train a person by giving them wisdom and insight regarding life than to give them funds that will be temporary and keep them coming back for more. My goal is for people to be independent. My focus is to give young adults career advice and help direct their future. I will also provide them with resumes and interviewing skills. The focus age group is 15- 25 years old.

Because I am a believer, I am in the process of becoming  a licensed minister. I would like to be able to pour into women what God has poured into me.

Please keep Hem of Garment in prayer!! The kingdom of God is at hand and it's time to stand up for the One True Living God!