Volunteering and Support

HOGWC&M will need your help in varies ways. We have several positions that must be filled in order to operate effectively.

House Manager
HOGWC&M is seeking a house manager with experience working with disadvantaged populations, crisis situations and managing other people. Two years of experience is required. The house manager will ensure that HOGWC&M runs smoothly. The manager is responsible for seeing that HOGWC&M is adequately stocked with food, medicine and cleaning supplies. The manager also creates schedules for cooking, cleaning, group therapy and recreational events. In addition, HOGWC&M is seeking a house manager who knows how to create documents, memos, spreadsheets and use database software. Training will also be provided. The house managers need to have a valid state driver's license, as the person may need to drive clients to appointments, make emergency pickups at the hospital or go to court. Part-time with shifts from 5pm - 1am and 1am to 8am. Weekend availability preferred.Please contact the director for more information.

Adopt a Family
Your family has the opportunity to bring joy to a homeless family served by Hem of Garment Women's Center & Ministries. Consider adopting a homeless family that is located in HOGWC&M Program. You can donate to them by providing gift cards, clothes, and varies other items. The families need school supplies for their children, pampers and many other items. When you adopt a family, a list of the family needs will be e-mailed to you along with information aboout the family.
Please send your donations to the corporate office at:

Hem of Garment Women's Center and Ministries Inc.

9520 Berger Rd.

Suite 212

Columbia, MD 21046

Become a Mentor by:
•Participating in the initial Mentor Training sessions and ongoing educational opportunities sponsored by HOGWC&M.
•Collaborating with the HOGWC&M Case Manager for ongoing assessment of family needs and progress.
•Providing hospitality and welcoming for client families new to the Program.
•Participating in the development of an individualized service plan that includes long and short term goals.
•Visiting weekly (or as needed) with the client family in their home. Provide skill development in budgeting assistance, savings planning, and general money management.
•Arranging assistance in applying for jobs, education/training programs, and other community supports.
•Providing companionship, listening, spiritual and emotional support.
•Contributing household maintenance tips.
•Arranging parenting education or assistance.
•Providing guidance and sponsorship in scouting, library, park district, or other community-based recreational services.
•Arranging the connection with Program Partner support for furniture, child care, employment, transportation, home maintenance needs, etc.
•Reporting any unusual incidents to case manager.
•Maintaining strict confidentiality and dignity in service delivery

Charity Coordinator
If you are interested in coodinating charity events for HOGWC&M such as Gala's, Balls, and even community events, this volunteering opportunity is for you. HOGWC&M welcomes individuals who are interested in assisting in funding the program and helps others within the community.

Contact Information:
If you are interested in any of the volunteering opportunities above, please e-mail the Director, Sherika Sadler at director@hemofgarment.org for more information for more information.